Saturday, July 12, 2008


its hard to say what i dreamt about last night because my memory is failing me. i was at nottingham watching the lightning (which actually did happen in real life yesterday) and as i was watching it all of the sudden i felt a surge of power. everything started becoming shaky and i stared at this one point in the middle of the lake and basically commanded that the lightning hit that spot. and then it did. of course, i promptly woke up which is what always happens when i am able to control something that happened in my dream. what gets me is the feeling that i had during the dream. that power.

afterwards, i had a dream i was in a horrible fight with my family. i said horrible cruel things to all of them. and then i locked myself into a room and then i see in the corner there is a man there. he starts talking to me and telling me how cruel i've been to my family. he has a german accent and is telling me that i really shouldn't behave this way. and i basically tell him to leave me alone. and then he picks up a bible and says "do you know the word of god?" and i say to him i don't believe it and i'm atheist. he shakes his head. i get up and leave the room. and as i open the door i wake up.

i woke up with my heart racing after both of these dreams.

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