Wednesday, February 11, 2009

animal deep fryer

i was with friends and we were going to some community event where they were giving away bikes. when we got there, this was not the case. no one there seemed to know anything about these free bikes. instead, there were people and animals in a long line waiting to approach a large deep fryer. the event was actually one where each person could bring one animal to put in the deep fryer. one person had a cow and i started describing what it would probably feel like for these animals to be put in the deep fryer alive, hoping that people would empathize with the animals and change their minds. then i saw someone i knew and she had a shoebox. i opened the shoebox and inside was her cat. it was one of those really skinny, exotic looking ones with big ears, sort of like this but darker. enraged, i said, "so you're just trying to get rid of your cat?!"

as i said that, i noticed that there was a post-it note on the cat that said, "i'm just trying to get rid of my cat."

i was apalled! i walked away.

i am a vegetarian.


Reem Tara said...

I know this is sort of serious but I'm laughing really hard right now. Who would even want to eat one of those exotic hairless cats? Sorry Jess...I"m being insensitive...

jx said...

no! that's okay. it is funny! i thought so anyway. well, it was sad, too. ick.

i like that your brain took it to the point that you contemplated how it might be to eat the hairless cat.

my brain was fixated on the pain and then later the post-it note.

oh, funny people.

Reem Tara said...

The post-it note part was pretty hilarious - I guess I forgot to comment on that because I was so involved with thinking about the taste of a hairless cat. Barf-o-Matic.