Friday, February 6, 2009

Band in the Park

A sort of disjointed dream...

I dreamed I was in a large park heading east towards a gathering area. I was in a hurry to get there, but I kept having to stop and talk to people, or stop to watch these big crowds of people walking, or people on bicycles, going past me. I finally got where I needed to be, and realized I'd be seeing a band play. I was sitting behind the band, tightly sandwiched between a lot of other people, on plastic folding chairs.

The band turned out to be about 4 or 5 keyboards, all set up next to each other longways, end to end. The person playing the keyboard right in the the middle was the one and only SWEET N' SOUR LARRY SWEENEY! I watched him play keyboards and conduct the band, and at one point I thought "Wait, if Larry can play these piano parts, I probably could too..." During one song, he got up and started dancing in front of the keyboards. I remember feeling mad that Jacob, who has an enormous celebrity crush on Larry, was nowhere to be found. "He didn't even try," I thought to myself.

I was later in a department store, looking for my sister and her friend. We found each other in the "Wedding Section." I turned on my cell phone and had 4 text messages and 10 voicemail messages. Most of the voicemails were from people I never talk to, named "Austin," "Dive," "Hot Somebody," etc.

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jx said...

what CAN'T larry sweeney do?