Saturday, February 21, 2009

ryan gosling mmmmmm

irl i have a celeb crush on ryan gosling. i think he's HOT!

so the other night i dreamt that i was driving in this blue VW golf i used to have with my friend erin. we decided that it would be really funny if we joined a church and ate all the cookies and farted during service and stuff like that. so we went into this small and quiet church and wadayaknow, ryan gosling is there. i thought "wtf? he lives in michigan?" erin decided she couldn't go through with it and waited in the car. i decide that i was going to act like i cared about jesus so i could get with ryan. so i did that and joined the church. later the two of us were in my bedroom and i had to change my underwear and did it right in front of him and realized "oh shit he's a churchey, he prob doesn't wanna see my twat." so i got all shy and apologized and he said it was ok and we were friends. i LOVED it! nothing ever happened with us but the dream ruled anyway.

later i was in a car chase and i was wearing a huge rainbow tiedye shirt. i stopped at a gas station and stole some snacks and continued the car chase. my face was also painted rainbow.

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jx said...

farting gets me everytime, but combining it with stealing cookies in a church??? that's beauty.