Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Most Bando Music Nerd Dream I've Ever Had

I dreamed that I was in a class with Sherin. It was probably a high school class, but we were our current age. We were supposed to be silently reading from this giant book we were sharing. It was a book of the sheet music for the musical Les Misérables.

I was reading a story about one of the characters when I realized Sherin had been trying to get my attention for awhile. She was all giggley and motioned towards one page where she had drawn a stick figure drawing of the character (Marius) who sings this particular song. I laughed really hard. She'd also drawn "a heart" around the whole page, but it looked like a giant oval, not a heart. Everything was drawn childishly and crudely, in crayon. We realized that we needed to get back to work since the teacher was looking at us. I flipped to one song called "Bring Him Home" and began reading it. The I realized I'd need to play the first note on the piano it in order to read it.

In my dream I played a Bb.

It sounded like a B.

In the real sheet music (which I ran to check right after I woke up), it's a C.

These three notes are all half steps apart, i.e. they're all right next to each other on a piano, including both black and white keys. Wow...bando...


Daniella Maria said...

No scary dreams then? I didn't have any either. Hah. Awesome movie last night!

Reem Tara said...

No! I think the crayons were the only near-weird thing. The colors were really vibrant...(Others - Daniella and I saw Coraline in 3D last night and were worried we'd both have effed-up nightmares, or at least crazy dreams. Waa waa!)