Sunday, February 1, 2009

outer space

ok i had this weird dream. i don't know if i can explain it but i want to try. 

so i was in this group of researchers in the library. we were looking at this solar system and trying to write about this theory someone made. the theory said that every drop of water in this solar system will go back to where it was, no matter what. if you take a drop of water to another planet, it will travel back to where you took it from. (i know this is stupid and makes no sense, but it was a dream, ok?)

so i was studying this little planet that is closest to the sun. it traveled in a highly eccentric and highly inclined orbit. it was small and shiny and blue. it took about 5 seconds to go around the sun. i was trying to draw the orbit, but messed up and erased about a billion times. whenever i would announce a discovery, i would interrupt this one guy, who i couldn't make myself listen to no matter what; his voice just did not register. i kinda felt bad but also kinda hated him. he was always talking about his stupid planet when i wanted to talk about mine!

eventually i disproved the water thing and no one would listen. 

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