Saturday, February 21, 2009

weird shit came outa my brain

i had wheat thins and jalpenio cheddar frito dip for dinner.

ok so my first dream was that i was riding my bike. it was super fun at first. the up-hills were easy and the down-hills were FAST! but then i realized that i need to stop playing around and go to where i was going (the gyno? the airport?). then i turned a corner and rode right into this neck-deep pothole filled with the filthiest black slime water ever invented in someone's imagination. it was filthier than something can actually be filthy. so i was on my bike, in this hole, only my head was sticking out. i wasn't upset, i was just like "oh. this happened." so i climbed out and pulled my bike out and it was all broken. the only thing salvageable was the rear wheel. so i went home and came back with my dad and my tools. when i got back to the bike and the pothole, someone had stolen the rear wheel and spray painted the rest green. fuck. my dad said i was lucky the pothole wasn't deeper because then i'd be dead. 

the next dream was that i was in a fancy apartment with my brother and sister. it was my apartment and i'd never been there. it was full of junk and i was going nuts because i wanted to organize it so badly. (that's how i am in real life). ok, so me and my bro and sis went out to this fancy restaurant to eat. the waiter went into the apartment in my guest room and took a nap. this other guy helped us. after the meal, the manager said we could never come back because i was so rowdy and had offended a "little person" by treating him like a child. (wtf it looked and acted exactly like a child.) plus i had tattoos on my face and that scared people. i thought "i wonder what it is that i have tattooed on my face." i knew i had a facial tat but i didn't know what it was. it was really detailed and small all over my chin. i looked at it with a magnifying glass and it was a cartoon strip that made no sense at all. i guess it was something i thought was funny when i was drunk.

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