Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scary Crabs, Dogs, Teeth, and Dude

I was at a conference for work but it was actually a cult. First I had to cook - I made crabs which I did not know how to cook. They tasted exactly like bacon. (I had watched Top Chef right before bed.) Then walking around the conference I noticed something - there were dogs all over the place and they all had scary red lights for eyes and stared at me. They were possessed. Then I realized that the guy in charge of the conference had possessed the dogs because he was evil. So I asked him about it and he was super fake-nice, but I knew he was evil. Because then all of my teeth were loose and one of them fell out. I was very upset about this. And the frustrating thing was that no one else seemed to notice or care that the place was evil, the dogs were possessed, and it was odd that my teeth were falling out. I woke up very scared.


123456789 said...

i loled at the first sentence!

Reem Tara said...

Ugh! This dream sounds sort of awful. I don't think I'd eat crab ever, even if it tasted like bacon. And the tooth thing? You should ask my sister about that one - we've both had numerous tooth-falling-out dreams. It's a really bad feeling!

jx said...

i think teeth falling out is a very common theme in dreams. not sure why.