Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Remembered More

I just remembered three more parts of my dream last night:

1. I had a wonderful revelation about how much I loved mild cheddar cheese, and decided that I should buy that at the store more often

2. I was dyeing my hair on my own and I left it in for over an hour, and after I washed it out in the shower, it was still pink and not purple like I wanted it.

3. I pulled my pajama pants up over my boobs and wore them like a onesie. My sister used to do this when we were younger and we called her "The Woomba Monster." She would chase us around the backyard like this...


jx said...

oooh, reem. i have to say that i think mild cheddar is only one step away from "american" cheese. medium is pretty solid, though. and sharp is crazy! just crazy!

nice job, reem's sister.

Tara said...

ahahaha, first of all i was thinking the same thing about mild cheddar- that it's just a step away from american not that its good. do you actually feel this way in real life? because you really need to take advantage of your cheese options in wisconsin. pretty much daily i daydream about the cheese aisle at woodmans.