Friday, February 27, 2009

Silent Approval

Sleg and I are hiking in the woods along logging roads. We've been walking for a while and talking about all sorts of things. We hear someone coming up the trail from the other direction. A stranger with a paperback book-shaped recording device is informing us we've been monitored and that he is going to inform on us. I quickly think back through our conversations and verify that we've said nothing that would be of value to any authorities. "Go for it, but know you are messing with the wrong guys," I tell him.
"Yeah," Sleg adds with bravado "we're baby punters, man."
Now our whole gang is here, including Slash. We decide that if he's going to punt baby dolls his should wear a smaller version of his top hat. Slash doesn't say a word, just approves with a single nod.


Reem Tara said...

YOU JUST DREAMT ABOUT SLASH!!!!!! This made my day.

123456789 said...

omg SLASH!!! have you read his auto-biography? it's freakin awesome! you'll think he's even more amazing!!

iurodivii said...

Yeah, I punt babies with Slash.