Friday, February 27, 2009

Different Kinds of Dinosaurs

I dreamed I was taking a little boy to the Geology Museum in Madison. I was excited because it was free. The kid was reluctant, so I explained to him that we'd be able to see how modern day animals are just "different kinds of dinosaurs." Right then, hundreds of giraffes appeared in front of us. I was able to tell which dinosaur they had each descended from. Some giraffes were giant, about ten times larger than they are in real life, and some were miniatures and incredibly skinny. One of the mini ones turned to green plastic. All of a sudden, I realized I'd lost the little boy, so I went searching through the geology building. I ran into professors everywhere - none of them would help me.

At first, the little boy was my brother at about 5 years old, then later turned into my friend Marc's son who is also five years old. Throughout the dream, they morphed from one to the other, and I could never tell who he really was.


123456789 said...

omg i lose children in dreams all the time.

SophisticatedBrew said...

aw. you'd never lose a kid. don't worry.

jx said...

i'm telling marc that you lost gaian, in the hope that he forgets that i almost let gaian drown.