Wednesday, February 4, 2009


mike and i were gathering at some warehouse-type building on the outskirts of minneapolis to get on a bus/train modern-looking white vehicle that would be taking us somewhere else. a mob of people were at this checkpoint, gathering to get onto these vehicles. i don't remember where we were going or why. when we finally found parking for our car and walked a long way to get to the building, it appeared that the last of the vehicles had loaded passengers and was driving away. we were disappointed but then spotted one last one. it was only about 1/3 full and the passengers were cheerleaders or something. they were very nice and we thought we were very lucky, not only to get a vehicle, but to be on one that was not crammed full of people. we had to bring a form of simple transportation with us (bicycle, roller skates, skateboard, etc.) so mike brought a skateboard and i brought gumballs. i believe my intention was to skate across the gumballs like cartoon characters do with marbles. it seemed practical.

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Reem Tara said...

GUMBALLS!!! Brilliant.