Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Radioactive, Nose-Bleeding Fun

So last night I had this crazy, schizo dream that kept changing.

It started with me an a current friend randomly going to an old high school friend's house. I haven't seen this person in like 10 years so I don't know why we would be going there, or why they would still live with their parents. We just hung around there for a while (apparently my current friend knew my old friend) with French foreign exchange students coming in and out and me changing from pajamas into real clothes in their kitchen.

Then all of a sudden I'm on this Golden Gate-esque bridge with the red headed, nose-bleeding chick from Lost. Even though there is a giant radioactive scarab beetle closing in on us, I'm asking her if there is a genetic relationship between simiam species and pigs. She's happy to tell me all about it until the monster flings her off the bridge and into the water. But is it an indiscriminate monster? Blindly attacking because it doesn't know better? No, of course not! It's grumpy and mumbles under its breath about humans being annoying while it's flinging people off bridges and stomping on cars. The Eeyore version of Godzilla.

It pushes me in the water too where all of a sudden I'm in some sort of swimming race in the ocean. There are all of these guys around me trying to win, pushing on each other and getting into each others way. One of them finally loses his temper and grabs a couple of us and swims as fast as he can to the bottom. It's not that deep because we're off a coast, but without expecting to go under water I didn't take a big breath. So I'm freaking out for a second until I realize I can breath under water.

I make it up to the surface and take a big breath just in time to see the monster crossing an underpass, smashing cars as he goes and complaining about shitty drivers.


Reem Tara said...

Oh my god, your brain is a genius. And so well-written! Did you eat mini corn dogs right before beddy-by?

Rah said...

I ate nacho cheese, so you're close!

jx said...

holy crap. mass chaos and mass detail. nicely done.

123456789 said...

hahahah i love it when i can breathe under water in dreams!