Wednesday, February 25, 2009

end of the world - again

so i dreamt that my mom had an end-of-the-world button. she was going to press it at "6:30 tonight." i called up my brother and we stopped her. whew! stopping her involved jumping down the laundry chute. that was fun. 

then i dreamt that i was time traveling and i was in kindergarten with my current brain. the teacher figured me out and suddenly i was in my current body also. i was kinda embarrassed, but she offered me a job as a kindergarten teacher. i took the job and the kid part was fun. my co-workers were all sexy and we all slept together. but i also had to run this ski shop with this guy. we both had no idea how to run a store. so we just ordered some stuff and people bought it and it was that easy!

then, for the same job, i had to wrangle some cows and bulls. one bull charged at me and i threw a rock at his nose and he chilled. 

1 comment:

SophisticatedBrew said...

i like how effortlessly you did all this cool stuff.

need to save the world? no problem, just hop down the laundry chute. accidentally find yourself in kindergarten? no problem just teach it while easily running a ski shop and having sexy times.