Thursday, January 8, 2009

end of the world

i had a crazy nightmare. it was the end of the world. everyone knew that today they were going to set off a giant bomb to destroy the whole world, we didn't know exactly when, but we knew it was today. everyone was frantic and it was chaotic. people trying to find family members, junkies trying to do all the drugs in the world, etc. i was going with the flow and got dragged around. first we thought we were safe in a subway station, then we got bored and left there again. then i was on the phone with someone's mom, who was telling me to get her daughter wasted drunk. then i was looking out the window and i knew everyone i saw. i kept looking up in the sky and seeing what i thought was the bomb, but it ended up being something else.

my emotions were all over the place. from "thank god it's finally over and i get to take everyone with me!" to "holy shit i'm gonna die! i don't wanna die! mommy!"

it was extreme

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