Wednesday, January 21, 2009

good ol' "pat"

does anyone else notice that the longer the day progresses after a dream you recall, the more details are lost and the more difficult it becomes to remember? ugh.

well, i had a sentimental dream last night. in real life, i used to work at a group home in minnesota. there were 6 residents - all so very uniquely amazing and fun. the best job of my life. the best lots of things of my life. anyway, so i dreamed about them last night. one of the guys named pat (not his real name - gotta get all confidential on yo asses) and i were sitting in his kitchen chatting. we always liked to play word games that made no sense. i don't know what we were particularly discussing but in real life, i'd throw out an object and he'd make a corresponding sound. like, "what does a tree say?" and then see what his creative mind could come up with. often, he broke the non-existent rules and acted things out instead of making a sound. so i believe for "tree" he'd stand up and wave his arms out around his head. pat's a smart guy - we just enjoyed the silliness of such a game.

so now i'm no longer blogging about my dream but moreso reminiscing on the good times of yore. whatever the hell yore is. "what does a yore say?" try it.

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Reem Tara said...

It is my belief that a Yore would say one of the following: