Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i have a cold

so i'm a little sick and i slept for 16 hours last night. lotsa dreams

dream 1: i was competing in "america's next top model". i think i've had this dream before and i don't remember if i posted about it. i was pretty sure i was going to win. i had beautiful long hair and i was awesome at makeup and i had just been shopping in japan with my mom. i had amazing clothing and 100s of dollars worth of cosmetics. i was friends with all the other models. the dream was all about getting dressed and doing makeup, not actual modeling.

dream 2: i lived in this house that moved. it spun around in circles and swayed back and forth and stuff. i had lived there for years and had occupied every bedroom at one point or another. i was talking to this scientist who said the house couldn't hold itself anymore and it was going to break. that instant, it broke. it was all sideways and flooded. i spent the rest of the dream going around the house trying to find my favorite possessions and being really sad that i couldn't find the rest of my stuff. at one point i went in the basement and the house rolled over on it's side. at another point i had sex with a stranger.

dream 3: i was on a "party bus" that was a reality show, except i was invisible. i was watching the star of the show have sex with all the boy contenders and be really gross. she said she was on her period but wasn't bleeding because she liked to "make love".  her boobs kept falling out of her shirt and her 3 foot tall side-kick was a major bitch. 


Reem Tara said...

"Major Bitch!" Hahahaha. That house sounds rad.

jx said...

yeah, i want that house. too bad it broke down.