Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Petrified Animals

I had approximately thirteen billion dreams last night, but I only remember a couple of details. In one, I was in a giant bathtub with other people - it was like a public pool. I kept feeling something rough go by my legs. I reached down to see what it was and realized it was a crocodile. I knew I needed to get it out, so I started moving around with my hands under water, trying to catch it. At one point, I found a long tail sticking out of the water which I knew belonged to this sneaky little monkey. I grabbed it by the tail and flung it out of the tub was like "jesus christ, everybody get out of my way!"

I somehow got the crocodile and ran to go show my brother. I'd put the crocodile in my parents' shower. It sat in there, not dead, but petrified, on all fours, with it's mouth wide open. "I know it's not dead, but is it alive?" asked my brother. "Don't worry, it won't get you," I told him.

The reason I had to put it in my parents' shower was because I'd already put the petrified great white shark in the "kids' bathroom" in the hallway. It was petrified in the same way - mouth wide open.

Here are some other dreams I've had about petrified animals:


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jx said...

have you done any research on what this petrified animal theme represents?