Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nursing School, Sex, Hairy Toes, Oh my!

11 hours of sleep + melatonin = ...

It was the last day of school, as I work in a university. We were closing it down but also I was there with my current coworker M and a past coworker K. M, K, and I were all taking exams to get into nursing school. The exam was given by my current boss, who looked nothing like my actual current boss. I felt huge anxiety about this test and ended up leaving. We only had 20 minutes to do it and it was multiple choice. I could actually see the questions and answers in my dream, they were very scientific. Like "The Knee Cap and Petella are the same thing: true or false?" That's just an example, most were very hard and full of jargon. Time was up and I only did about a quarter of the exam.

This boss lady came to talk with me. She said she was very surprised and disappointed in me but that she would give me some extra time. I told her I was anxious about taking the test but also anxious about going into nursing school as I am squeamish about needles. She said I would get over that. I finished the test and she said I did very well.

Then in the school I was working as a hairdresser who only dyed people's hair jet black with a tar-like substance. There was someone evil across the way who tricked a person to sign up to pay a million dollars a month to get their hair done. This person was not too worried about it, but I tore up the contract and dyed their hair for free. That black stuff was everywhere.

At some point I had sex with a lady. It was fun.

Then I was back in time. It was the '50s or '60s and bowling had just been invented. So we were at a bowling alley and everyone looked like a greaser but you had to shower before and after you bowled, like at a swimming pool. So I came out of the locker room in just my underwear. No big deal. Everyone was exclaiming about this wacky new phenomenon of bowling. We bowled.

Then I sat in the corner with my shoes off and noticed that my toes were disgusting. I had really long hair growing between my toes. Like, as long as the hair on my head. It was thick and glossy. Someone commented, asking if I had noticed the hair before, and I said no! And quickly cut it off.

There was much more to the dream, but that's enough for now. Phew.


Reem Tara said...

Oh my god I'm laughing SO hard right now. This is hilarious! And so busy! I love the hair between your toes...didn't somebody on here once dream about having grass grow between their toes?

I'm curious about the Melatonin's influence. Let us know what else happens in the future...

123456789 said...

awesome. that dream sounds fun. i wish i had it.