Friday, January 9, 2009

Evil Family? No, I'm Evil as well as a Tease

I was going to a lake with some people, and noticed a couple with a baby stroller walking in the opposite direction. The mom was wasted and kept falling down. I was worried about the baby so I went across the street and asked if they'd like to stay at my (parents) house until they felt better. Whoever I was walking with was annoyed that I was being such a nice person. The couple was grateful and we went back to the house.

It turns out this family was evil. I fell asleep and during this time they ransacked the house. They graffitied the whole house with lots of curse words and scary language. They cursed several items and made scary looking objects, like they took apart toys and put them together in strange ways that made them come to life. When I woke up they were gone, and the house was scary and terrible. My parents were not too concerned, they were just trying to clean up as best they could. I tried to explain that the family I brought over did it, and they looked at me with pity and said, "No, Sarah, you did all this in your sleep." It turns out that the family had just been a part of my nightmare. It was a nightmare within a real nightmare.

Then I was back in high school. It was my reunion. People were bitchy. I hung out outside with a pot smoker who asked me to help him sell some. He was concerned about me because I kept passing out and seeing scary things and no one would believe me. I passed out but was conscious and could not move but knew I needed to get to the nurses office but I did not know where it was.

Then there was a big party and an older woman was hitting on me. I may have flirted back a little but when she tried to make out with me I said, "No, I'm in a monogamous relationship" and she got FURIOUS and called me a tease and ran away crying. Then an ex-boss of mine called me at 2:30am to ask me why I lead on this woman in such a way. I was either drunk or still feeling out of it so I just said, I'll Call You Later! so I would not have to talk to my boss but I was annoyed she called me at 2:30 in the morning. I was also very confused at how she knew this woman.

These 3 stories were intertwined and all felt very scary, even the non-scary sounding parts. I was REALLY happy to wake up.


123456789 said...

awwwww sarah! i hate nightmares like that. i'm glad you woke up too.

does it help that it's really funny?

Reem Tara said...

Oh my god! Too much in one night! Did you have a melatonin? I love your brain, BFF.