Thursday, January 15, 2009

Starring Dustin Hoffman as Me

I was in a library on the second floor and I kept walking between aisles of chairs, very close together. I was wearing a giant skirt, similar to my purple one, so it kept brushing against people as I walked by. I saw this kid, about 9 or 10 or so, checking out a book with his mother.

All of a sudden, it was my responsibility to drive this kid to a sleepover party. We were in a fancy neighborhood, picking up two of his friends (one of whom I worked with in camp a few years ago). It was dark, and there were two headlights (not attatched to anything) in the front yard of a house. "I have to go turn those lights off," said the boy. "No, I'll do it," I told him. "Is it so you can grab some of those jelly beans?" he asked. I looked in the front yard. It was now daytime, bright outside, and there was a giant bowl of very large jelly beans right next to a tree in the yard. "Yeah, that's why I'm going to go," I said.

For some reason, I had to run to do it. I first turned out the light by squeezing these two small, bright pink balloons that felt like they were filled with sand.. They were in the bowl of jelly beans, amidst the jelly beans, but I somehow knew which ones to squeeze. I then started frantically grabbing as many jelly beans as I could, holding them all in my arms. At one point I thought that I should put them in my shirt or something, but my brain told me "there's no time!" so I didn't. I was about to return to the car, but at the last minute, I also grabbed an apple from the lawn. Right as I did that....the COPS showed up! Boooo!

He was nice, kind of oaf-y, and asked me why I was doing this. "Look man, I just want the kids to get to their sleepover," I said to him. He agreed, but also told me that I'd need to go to jail anyhow. It was a minimum security minimum, in fact, that you could go home to sleep every night. My friend Mark from high school was there. I wondered if his band was able to be successful while he was in jail. I also realized that he was in there for tax fraud.

All of a sudden, I was watching this all as a movie and "I" was being played by Dustin Hoffman. I watched him exit this building that I recognized, followed by Rahm Emanuel. The building was "where my brother and father get their hair cut," which is real life is owned by Ralph and Tony, but in my dream, was owned by Rahm's father. He was also a therapist. The sign on the door said "come on in!" Rahm yelled at Dustin to get back inside the jail or he'd ruin it for the rest of the people there, which I believe is a quote from The Simpsons.

Next, I was in Hong Kong with Emil. We entered our hotel and walked up a few flights of stairs that were only about 16 inches in diameter. "I knew this fucking country would make me claustrophobic," I said. The Emil, Sara, and I traded cars and drove around while talking to each other. I think we may have gone to a concert.


Sara Ashes said...

WOW! This is an amazing dream. so much great imagery and pop culture references!

Tara said...

oh my god, i love all the details! jellybeans!

Reem Tara said...

The jellybeans were larger than eggs. And I think maybe I saw Dustin Hoffman on Ellen yesterday. But Rahm Emanuel? Really??

Genia the Queenia said...

who is Rahm Emanuel? The name sounds familiar, but I can't place him. Oh, yes, I definitely think Dustin Hoffman should play you in your life story! that's one crazy dream Reemie!