Monday, January 12, 2009

Flying and Trying

I love dreams in which I can fly. I have them pretty regularly and they are awesome. I feel very free and easy and can go way up high and go really fast. Last night I was trying to prove to someone that I could fly but I couldn't! I pointed my chin up to the ceiling and struggled but it was exhausting and at most I could only get about 2 inches off the floor. Finally I got a little bit better but it was still much harder than the usual flying dreams. I think it was because I was trying so hard. Usually it just happens without much effort. There's probably a lesson in there.


Reem Tara said...

Ooh, I like that there's a lesson. You were basically levitating, like that creepy magician David Blaine! My only recent flying dream was YOU flying, actually.

123456789 said...

here's what you do. you lift one leg off the floor, then the other, and taa-daa, you're floating. then you stick one arm straight up and one arm at your side and you can fly whenever you want!