Monday, January 5, 2009

rockstar boyfriend

so i went to this metal show and it was one of my favorite bands, which i didn't know before i went. suddenly i was in the back room hanging out with the band. the guitarist was a cute skinny man and i thought he was very sexy. he gave me a free shirt and showed me where they were going to spend the night. he asked if i had any sleeping bags, because they didn't have enough. i didn't, but we liked each other a lot. 

then i was on tour with them, but somehow it stayed the same endless day. i would watch the shows from the side of the stage and always have to search for the back room they were in. every time i entered the room, i thought they were gonna finally be sick of me, but they were always happy to see me. 

there was one thing with a guy who hates me who was gonna beat my ass and my boyfriend protected me. 

there was another thing where a band member started driving my car when everyone was in it and he was speeding and not stopping for intersections and we all thought we were going to die. i told him to stop and he wouldn't listen to me and i told my boyfriend to tell him to stop and he listened to him. 

it was kinda scary, but it was an awesome dream. i had an awesome boyfriend in a band i loved and he protected me and was always happy to see me.


SophisticatedBrew said...

he sounds kinda dreamy.

Anna said...

that sounds like a pretty awesome dream.

jx said...

sometimes i wish my husband was in my favorite band. or one of the band members was my husband. but other than his incredibly lacking musical skills, my hub is pretty rad.