Saturday, January 17, 2009

Former Homes and Lovers

It's been a long time since I've posted a dream. I'm usually like my sister Reem, dreaming vividly and remembering all the details. But it's been strange for the last month I haven't been dreaming at all. In few days I have had a few dreams, but none of which I could remember when I woke up. But I finally remember a few details today so I figured that I should probably write them down in an effort to will my dream memory back.

I dreamed that I was moving out of my old house on Killian Street (which I did in real life over 3 years ago). Instead of moving to the house I live in now, I was moving into this beautiful, airy loft. As I was packing things up I kept finding dust bunnies in the corners in the living room and stacks of old pictures of my family.

In another dream, I had reunited with a former lover of mine, this rebellious political folk singer that I haven't seen in years. We laid in bed in my room of my parent's house and we kept asking each questions on topics I really enjoy discussing, and both giving answers I'd give. (Example: "Don't you love songs that play on the theme of Hush Little Baby?" "Yes! Like Bob Weir's Ashes and Glass, or Dudley by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and sometimes I even think Bright Eyes' Bowl of Oranges..."

Then we went for a long walk outside in fields of snow. We wore snowshoes and and he found me a coral necklace. We ate salmon for dinner.

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Reem Tara said...

Weren't we talking about the Hush Little Baby Phenomenon recently! Awesome...