Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tailgating Table and All + Some Others

I had another group of extremely disjointed dreams last night and this morning. I ate a Cheesy Gordita Crunch before bed. I wonder if that's what did it.

1. I was "tailgating" with my family following some kind of concert. I think it was after seeing a play or orchestra or something because it was in a big auditorium. My cousins and I all texted each other to meet up in one place. We exited the building to find my mother setting up a crazy spread on these silver folding tables with white paper tablecloths outside a warehouse. It was on a busy street and the air was dirty. She'd made a baked brie and a bunch of "sausage rolls," which were giant hot dog looking things wrapped in fried dough. I kept trying to take pictures of my cousins Luai, taken between two rolls of paper towels, but every time I aimed the camera right at him, it would take a picture right next to him. When he did appear in the picture, he had enormous buck teeth.

Also, a hearse kept getting in the frame, and I worried about seeming inconsiderate to the people involved in the funeral since I was taking a picture of the hearse. Then I realized the hearse was pulling us and the table on a trailer that was hitched behind it. We were moving, tailgating table and all.

2. I was Samantha from Sex and the City and somebody was proposing to me. I cried really really hard because I couldn't marry this person, but it was "the perfect ring." Apparently I really had that whole Samantha character captured pretty well. The ring was either a yellow or light green color and was some kind of stone that wasn't a diamond.

3. I could see the inside of my eyes really well and everything that was going on. There was a black, blurry looking thing flying around that I thought was maybe a bat. I tried really hard to open my eyes but I couldn't do it. Then I saw an eyelash and it was swirling around in rapid, tiny circles.

4. I received an email from a 5 year old child and at the end it said "eagerly awaiting your response."


123456789 said...

*sigh* taco bell will do that....

Tara said...


Haven't you had a dream involving buck teeth before?

SophisticatedBrew said...

i'm guessing the eye one was the least pleasant part.

and as Samantha did you say, "well I heard..." at least once?

Reem Tara said...

No! Samantha just cried a whole bunch. Very uncharacteristic, eh? And Tara, yes, I've had a billion teeth dreams, some of which, I'm sure, were buck specific.

Sara Ashes said...

okay, on SITC, wasn't the ring Richard gave Samantha (that she wore on her swear finger) a yellow gem? I bet that was the one in the dream!

I am eagerly awaiting your response.

Reem Tara said...

Oh yeah! It was! It's the one she gives back to him while she's wearing the..ahem...pearl thong. I think this ring was the same color as that! Different shaped stone...but yes, how accurate!